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Silicone Compound
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Extended Product Description:
CHEMPLEX© 825 Silicone Compound is a specially formulatedgrease-like product containing selected silicone oils and inert fillers.This stiff, tacky compound has excellent water repellency, dielectricproperties and oxidation resistance. It is essentially non-toxic, non-melting and retains its pliability even after extended service use.CHEMPLEX© 825 has a broad temperature range of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 240°C), which allows for use in even the harshest environ-ments. CHEMPLEX© 825 is resistant to a variety of chemicals and iscompatible with most plastics and rubbers. CHEMPLEX© 825 isextremely water-resistant and withstands water washout and spray off.Can be used in extreme applications as a lubricant and a release agentor applications where resistance to moisture, thermal degradation orelectrical insulation are needed.

Intended Use: 
Electrical connectors, cables, seals and ignition systems, brakecalipers; O rings, rubber and plastic gaskets or applications wheresticking or exposure to the elements occurs. Not recommended for usewith highly oxidative chemicals such as chlorine, peroxides or liquidoxygen.

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